Balos Beach Guide: Crete's turquoise waters (2023)

Balos beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete. Famous for its turquoise waters, Balos Beach is considered one of the most legendary places in Greece. Balos Beach is actually a lagoon located on the northwest side of Chania, Crete, Kissamos region. One of the most photographed beaches in the whole of Crete, Balos Beach truly exudes a unique beauty. In addition to the picturesque scenery, Balso Beach and its surrounding area also has a variety of plants and flowers. Many of these natural wonders are unique to the region. There are many interesting bird species to observe in the area, such as the Eleonora's falcon and the bearded vulture. The entire area is a Natura 2000 protected area. The shallow waters of Balos Beach are perfect for the little ones. The sand is mostly soft, and the lower part of the beach is muddy, which can sometimes produce a bad smell, especially at low tide. The beach is located at the foot of Mount Platiskinos. Meanwhile, Balos Beach is protected by a rocky reef, so the water is always calm. Despite the distance, visitors can't resist the allure of Baros Beach. Summers at Balos Beach are mild, moderately dry and hot. The average temperature of the hottest month exceeds 22 degrees Celsius. During those months, the water temperature at Balos beach does not drop below 20 °C, making it ideal for bathing.

Balos Beach has a variety of boat tour options, and visitors can choose from a variety of cruise ships. Some companies also offer private boat tours, but at a higher price. Visitors who decide to rent a car can choose from car rental services in the area. Due to its remoteness, Balos Beach has no facilities available. No tall buildings in sight and only a few hotels nearby. During high season, the beach is often crowded with tourists from all over the world. No wonder Baros Beach is one of the tour guides' favorite topics of conversation. Tourism in Greece, especially in Crete, has become the fastest growing tourism market in Greece. Over the past six years, it has grown by 60%. As we all know, Crete has its own rich traditions and history, especially in terms of culture. It is considered very safe for tourists from all over the world. One of the many great places to visit in Crete is Balos Beach. Thousands of tourists visit Baros Beach every year. Usually during the peak summer season, the beach is always crowded.

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What is Baros Beach?

Balos Beach is a stunning beach and one of the most famous places in Crete. Despite the lack of transport, Baros can still get very crowded during the summer months. Balos Beach is famous for its turquoise waters and pink sand. Visitors describe Baros Beach as one of the best beaches in the world. The water at Baros Beach is shallow, making it ideal for children and toddlers. The sand at Balos Beach is mostly soft and the bottom of the beach is muddy, which can sometimes produce a bad smell, especially at low tide. The beach is located at the foot of Mount Platiskinos. Balos Beach is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but also an important natural habitat with rare flora and fauna. Balos Beach looks very pristine and unspoiled. In ancient times, this peninsula was known as Korykus or Kimaros. The beach of Balos Lagoon Balso in Balosor is located between the island and the coast of Crete. At Korykon, north of Balos, are the ruins of the Roman town of Agnion, which housed a temple to Apollo. Once upon a time, Ptolemy mentioned a town in the area of ​​Baros called Corycus. Remnants of the city can still be seen by travelers from Florence in the 15th century. At the top of the promontory, the remains of the small Roman settlement of Agnio still remain. The most interesting ruins are on the island of Imeri Gramvousa. At the end of the 15th century, the Venetians built a fortress in the area to protect the island from invaders. The fort was finally taken by the Cretans in 1825 during the War of Independence. The fortress held, but the Cretans failed to expand west of Crete. Isolated and helpless, they resorted to pirates. Organized island pirates built a school and a church with their families, Panagia and Kleftrina, meaning "Women Dedicated to Kleftrina". In 1828, the pirate ship was wrecked and the British took control of the island.

Where is Balos Beach?

Balos Beach is actually a lagoon located on the northwest side of Chania, Crete, Kissamos region. Balos Beach is located 51 km from Chania. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there. Depending on the weather, visitors will drive or board a ferry at the port of Kissamos. The port of Kissamos is 41 kilometers from Chania, a little over 45 minutes by car. The coordinates of Balos Beach are latitude 35.583572, longitude 23.587561. Visitors need to drive or take a bus to the port of Kissamos, and then take a ferry to Baros Beach. You will need to devote a full day to get the most out of the experience. It is possible to drive to Balos beach, but not recommended. The path to Baros Beach is made of gravel, with large boulders rising along the path. The trail leads to the top of the hill, and visitors must descend to reach the beach. Re-climb is required on exit.

How about a map of Balos Beach?

The Balos Beach map shows where Balos Beach is located in Crete. Across the beach is the rocky island of Gramvousa. At the top of the island is a steep Venetian castle overlooking the area and the sea. A huge car park and a beach bar can be seen on the Balos beach map. The Chapel of All Saints can be seen near the village and from a viewpoint on Tigani Balos beach.

Below is a picture of the Balos beach map.

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What amenities does Baros Beach have?

There are not many facilities at Balos Beach. Visitors must pack all belongings while visiting Balos Beach. Basics like food, water, beach hat and sunscreen for a comfortable stay. However, there is a beach bar with limited small portions. Visitors taking the ferry to Baros Beach can use the facilities on board. The ferry offers a wide variety of food, including snacks and drinks. The bar is open throughout the ship and serves a variety of traditional Cretan dishes. Greek dishes are also served, such as kebabs, Greek salads, pizzas and other grilled sandwiches. Visitors can rent an umbrella on the ferry before disembarking. Balos Beach offers sun loungers, so don't forget to bring some cash in case you need to rent them.

When's the best time to visit Balos Beach?

The best time to visit Balos Beach is during summer. But if tourists want to avoid the crowds, skip the beach in July and August. The best time to enjoy the beach is early morning and evening. During this season, the boats can be very crowded and tourists have to queue to get on board. Thousands of tourists visit Baros Beach, especially during the summer months. Even in the parking lot, the place can get crowded. However, this is always the best time on Balos Beach. Visit Balos Beach during the low season, October to April, when temperatures can still be high on the beach. Bathers are advised to bring their own food in high season as there is only one bistro selling snacks.

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How protected is Balos Beach?

Balos Beach is a beautiful beach located in western Greece. Balos Beach is a Natura 2000 protected area. Natura 2000 is the largest network of protected areas on the entire planet. It provides a safe haven for some of the most protected and valuable habitats and species in Europe. There are many fascinating flowers and plants in the area, many of which are endemic. A variety of birds can be seen on the beach, including Eleonora's falcons and bearded vultures. Balos Beach is a true miracle of nature that must be properly protected and preserved.

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How to get to Baros Beach?

There are three ways to access Baros Beach. The first and easiest way is to take a ferry from Kissamos. Taking the ferry will give visitors the chance to glimpse the coastline of the Grammus Peninsula. Passengers will take the ferry to swim at the beach on the small island of Imeri Gramvous. Another option,It is strongly not recommended to use, is by car. Visitors need to travel on dirt roads, starting from Kaliviani and following Cape Gramvousa. Visitors can choose to drive a private or rented car. Each visitor will have to pay a small amount of 1 euro to preserve the area and preserve the road. After 10 km the road ends at a large car park next to the cafeteria. From there, visitors will have to walk along the 1km long path leading to the beach. A short walk to the beach. However, when you make your way to Balos Beach, the journey is quite strenuous. The location of Balos beach is a bit remote, and the road leading there is bumpy and dusty. The driving time is slow due to the bumpy roads. ATV is suitable for going to Balos beach,However, the insurance does not cover damage caused when the vehicle is driven off-road.The third and most exciting route is hiking. From Kaliviani, the trek through the wilderness landscape of the Gramvous and Paltyskinos Mountains takes about three hours.

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What factors should be considered before renting a car in Crete?

Here are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete.

  • safe:Car rental insurance is important because it protects travelers from damage while renting a car. Car rentals in Crete include collision damage insurance and require the driver's credit or debit card as security.
  • Driver's age:The legal age limit to drive in Crete is 18. Drivers must have a valid driver's license and necessary documentation such as an ID card or passport.
  • Driver Gender:Both men and women can drive in Crete. Drivers can drive in Crete as long as they are at least 18 years old, regardless of gender.
  • Model:Traveling with a group or family requires a larger car. Crete car rental companies offer a wide variety of cars. It is best to choose a smaller car to drive around Crete. The reason for this is that some roads in Greece are very narrow. Car type is an important factorHow to choose the right car to rent a car in Crete.
  • Documents required for car rental:An important document required to rent a car is a valid driver's license. However, you can also present a credit or debit card, including a passport or ID.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Crete?

It is best to rent a vehicle to travel around Crete. Tourists can use a rental car to quickly reach the best destinations in Crete. The cost of car rental in Crete depends on the number of people, itinerary, car type, destination and duration. The average price of a car rental in Crete is around EUR 30-40 per day. The average cost of renting a car for a full week is 250 EUR. Renting a car for the weekend costs around 78 EUR.Crete car rentalsPrices vary by car type. Car rental companies offer different cars according to the preferences of customers. Most car rental shops in Crete offer an online booking system whenever a customer wants to book a car. Just follow the process and book a vehicle right away on their website. Always check and make sure that you meet all the necessary requirements before using a car rental service in Crete.

How much does it cost to get to Balos beach?

To go to Balos Beach you have to pay an entrance fee of 1 Euro. The car park is just above Balos Beach. Parking costs EUR 2 per hour. There is only one bar on Balos Beach, and food is almost always out of stock during high season. It is best to bring food and drinks with you when visiting Baros Beach. The ferry fare for passengers over 13 years old is 27 Euros. For passengers aged 3 to 12, the ferry ticket costs 13 Euros. Children under 2 enter free.

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Where to stay near Balos Beach?

There are very few hotels near Baros Beach. Most hotels are far from the beach, mainly due to the isolated nature of the area. Kaliviani Traditional Hotel is one of the few hotels near Balos Beach. Kaliviani Traditional Hotel is a traditional hotel located at the tip of Cape Gramvousa, in the local village of Kaliviani, near the start of the road to Balos. Kaliviani Traditional Hotel provides guests with simple and comfortable accommodation. Stay at the hotel with a view of Kissamos Bay. Balos Beach is 9 km away. Another hotel near Balos beach is also known as Balos beach. Balos Beach is a 3-star hotel located 9 km from Balos Beach. Accommodation facilities include a fitness room, bar and swimming pool. The hotel offers modern and well-appointed accommodation. Hotels near Balos Beach include Seaside Villa Balos. The villa is located in Kissamos, just a few meters from the local beach along the Kissamos bay. The place has been recently refurbished and is the perfect villa for families with children or larger groups. Seaside Villas Balos features living and dining areas, a terrace with sea views, a fully equipped kitchen and 3 bedrooms. Kissamos Port is 1.9 km from Seaside Balos Villas.

What is there to do near Baros Beach?

Attractions near Baros Beach are listed below:

  • Kissamos:Kissamos is a coastal town and municipality in western Crete. small cityKissamosSometimes called Kastelli. The city is a perfect blend of beautiful beaches, rich historical heritage and traditional Cretan way of life. One of the famous sights in Kissamos is Balos beach.
  • Farasana Square:Falassarna Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Crete. Falassarna Beach has won numerous awards for its unique beauty. Its long sandy beach is loved by many tourists. sunsettalk to pčelaIt is impressive and one of the most beautiful places in Greece.
  • Sfinari Beach:Sfinari Beach is located 60 km west of the city of Chania and 30 km south of Kissamos. Sfinari Beach is frequented by tourists seeking distance. It is a quiet place surrounded by sandy and pebble beaches. Tranquility seekers should check out Sfinari Beach. The beach is great for activities like diving, especially when the sea is calm.
  • Platanakia Beach:Platanakia Beach is located 61 km southwest of Chania city and 31 km south of Kissamos. Platanakia Beach is a small bay, protected by cliffs and often isolated from the rest of the world. Most of the beach is rocky, other parts are sandy. Platanakia Beach is formed at the mouth of the Kambos Canyon.
  • Hyperhidrosis:Polyrinia is a small town in the Kissamos region, located in the northwest of Chania region. Polirinija stands on a hill overlooking the surroundings. The town of Polyrinia is known for its traditional atmosphere and the remains of the Acropolis of the same name. The archaeological site of Polirhenia is a must-see when you're in Crete.

Is Balos beach sandy?

Yes, Balos Beach is a sandy beach. Balos Beach is one of the two pink beaches of Crete. The stunning Balos Beach has turquoise waters and pink sand. Balos Beach has pink sand thanks to an oyster-like microbe called a benthic foraminifera. The shells of these sea animals are pink or red. When these sea animals die, their shells are washed away and mixed with the sand.

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Are children allowed at Balos Beach?

Yes, children are allowed on Balos Beach. Balos Beach is definitely one of the best beaches in Crete for toddlers and toddlers. This is a recommended beach for families. The water in Balos is shallow and usually calm, making it ideal for children. Parents with young children need not worry as the water at Balos Beach is shallow. Balos Beach has warm water most of the time. To fully enjoy the rest of Balos Beach, it is recommended to go in the morning or late afternoon. Everyone can enjoy the stunning views and turquoise waters of Balos Beach.

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