Chantel Cameron vs. Katie Taylor: Progress and predictions ahead of Katie Taylor's long-awaited homecoming battle - LUCHAS EN NY (2023)

Boxing fans will be in for a treat when the two undisputed champions meet in Ireland on Saturday. domestic fighterKate Taylor(22-0, 6KO) The undisputed lightweight champion steps up to challengeChantel Cameron(17-0, 8KOs), the undisputed welterweight champion.

3Arena in Dublin will host the first major professional boxing promotion in Ireland in seven years.

Chantel Cameron vs. Katie Taylor: Progress and predictions ahead of Katie Taylor's long-awaited homecoming battle - LUCHAS EN NY (1)

Is Chantelle Cameron ready to party at Katie Taylor's house?

Chantelle Cameron, from Northampton, England, will defend her title in front of a packed Taylor Stadium.

For those fans, it will be the first chance to see Taylor Box's career in Ireland.

fortaylor, becoming another undisputed heavyweight champion will be a memorable way to mark her comeback.

You face serious challenges. Chantelle Cameron is not presenting her titles in Dublin. The 140-pound division belongs to Cameron. Taylor will need a big push to change that on Saturday.

Why did it take Taylor so long to get home?

To understand how significant Saturday's event was, it's important to look back at recent history.

Katie Taylor launched her professional career in November 2016 after a stellar amateur campaign.

The Irishwoman made her first professional gigs in London, Manchester and Brooklyn, not Dublin, Cork and Limerick. There is a reason for this.

A gruesome incident involving two warring Irish drug cartels at a weigh-in in Dublin in February 2016 ended hopes of a major boxing match in Ireland.

Organized crime, one of the cartels closely associated with boxing, invaded professional sports that day, with deadly consequences.

On that day in February, four gunmen entered the Regent Hotel in Dublin and targeted a key member of a rival gang. They killed one man and wounded two others.

Although professional events have since been held in small venues in Ireland, due to safety concerns and related costs, coupled with the refusal of police and insurance companies to support any major boxing events, Taylor has so far been unable to fight at home.

Chantel Cameron vs. Katie Taylor: Progress and predictions ahead of Katie Taylor's long-awaited homecoming battle - LUCHAS EN NY (2)

May 18, 2023 Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron will renew their battle in Dublin on May 20. Outside of boxing, issues keep Taylor from fighting at home

Since the outbreak of gang violence, professional boxing has been fought in small venues in Ireland, but big boxing has prevented Taylor from fighting at home due to concerns about safety and the associated costs, coupled with the refusal of police and insurance companies to back any events , until now.

Katie Taylor-Amanda Serrano rematch postponed

Amanda Serrano was supposed to be in the opposite corner when Taylor returned.

The April 2022 rematch of the Madison Square Garden Classic was supposed to be an event that would bring boxing back to Ireland.

when serrano withdrew due to injury, Taylor needs an equally compelling opponent to keep his homecoming dreams alive.

Taylor challenged Chantel Cameron on Instagram, saying she would put on weight and be Cameron's title challenger. Cameron agreed, and Taylor's homecoming was set for May 20.

Chantelle Cameron's Undeniable Journey

Chantelle Cameron has been a professional since 2017.

She climbed steadily, winning the little-known IBO 135-pound world title in her fifth paid contest.

Cameron boxed regularly and worked his way up to the 140-pound weight class he currently dominates.

Chantel Cameron vs. Katie Taylor: Progress and predictions ahead of Katie Taylor's long-awaited homecoming battle - LUCHAS EN NY (3)

Taylor may be slipping more than he realizes... Cameron is a very lively dog, isn't he?

In 2020, she beat Adriana dos Santos on the score sheet to win the WBC world title.

A year later, Cameron added the Mary McGee IBF belt to her collection. The points win over McGee also earned Cameron the Ring Magazine belt.

Chantelle Cameron defended her belt with a narrow win over Jessica McCaskill and points over Victoria Bustos in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, last November to claim the WBA and WBO titles she needed. light. Light heavyweight champion.

Now, the British woman is defending her title in a high-profile way in Dublin.

Katie Taylor takes care of everyone

Claressa Shields is credited with raising the profile of women's boxing in the US, while Katie Taylor is credited with doing the same on the European side of the Atlantic.

Taylor was highly regarded by fans, media and opponents.Modesty and prudenceout of the ring. In the ring, she is a fierce competitor with world-class skills.

Nor does she back down from a challenge.

During his career, Taylor has faced and defeated nearly every big name in his heavyweight division.

Taylor defeated Cameron's last opponent, Jessica McCaskill, in 2017. Taylor also fought off Cindy Serrano, Ross Volante, Delphine Persson (twice), Kristin Linadatu, Natasha Jonas and Amanda Se Lano's challenge.

Impressive run, but at 36 she continues to challenge herself.

In 2019, Taylor moved to welterweight and won the world title by beating Lina Datu in the process.

Since then, Taylor has returned to lightweight, defending the seven undisputed titles he won in June 2019.

Taylor returns to the 140-pound class on Saturday, when she takes on Chantelle Cameron, currently the best welterweight in the world.

Strategies, Observations and Forecasts

Chantelle Cameron enters this fight with size and strength. The question is, is it enough to count?

Cameron, 32, also has youth by his side. You have a great coaching team at your side, led by Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis.

They will have a smart game plan for future missions.

Part of the plan may have been to subtly move Taylor into the correct location to land on a local fighter.

While Taylor may be the better pure fighter of the two, the difference isn't huge, so Cameron should be able to get the job done and look impressive.

For Taylor, his main asset has always been his hand speed. Again, she has an ace in that department, but after a tough run, will this be a night where her skills and drive aren't enough to get the job done?

While Taylor should impress the judges with his jab, footwork and quick combos, he probably won't be able to shake off Cameron's return shots.

Ten rounds of two minutes, there is no time to waste in each quarter. The battle will be over quickly, so a good start is key.

If Chantelle Cameron can take the initiative early and let Taylor catch up at the middle and rear wheels, then the champion will be in the commanding heights.

As we've seen in Taylor's recent fights, he's getting punished more now than he's ever been in his career. She fights better opponents, but maybe she loses half a step.

Maybe your reflexes are a little sluggish. At the highest level of professional sport, opponents take advantage of even slight dips.

If the fight boils down to multiple swaps, Chantelle Cameron will be the favorite across all segments. Interruption would not be inappropriate.

I'm not predicting a suspension, but I'm predicting Chantelle Cameron will win and keep her welterweight title..As good as Taylor is, it would be too much of a challenge and she would lose a close but definitive card decision.

It's not what Taylor or her fans hope to see at Homecoming, but Taylor can return to lightweight and defend her undisputed title in her next fight.

Let's hope it's a rematch with Amanda Serrano.

Hopefully Dublin will be able to host the match after Cameron's successful performance against Taylor.

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