Nogi Jiu Jitsu EBI tournament for white belts and Super Matches for blue belts (2023)

Welcome! Here's to our first public tournament!

Standortadresse: 3817 Pacific Coast Hwy Torrance CA 90505

Saturday March 25th (trial time)

Weigh-in: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m

Rules meeting: 11:45 am

White Belt Women's Group: 12h15m.

Men's White Belt Group: 2:00 p.m

Dark Arts Arena is the EBI tournament.

What is the Eddie Bravo Invitational?

The Eddie Bravo Invitational is a submission-only style wrestling competition that pits contestants against each other in a knockout format competition.

Adaptation time: 6 min

3 1-minute extension rounds

Going into overtime means that a game takes place during regulation time(6 minutes)did not end with a submission as there had to be a winner and no points were scored in the EBI, the idea of ​​renewal was introduced.

EBI renewal rounds give both competitors the opportunity to directly attack and defend submissions. For the sake of fairness, there are two starting positions:

The spider web:This position is the default armbar position, but the person below has their arms crossed to deflect the attack.

Rear controls:Standard stance in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, one contestant is placed on the other's back with a safety harness and hooks.

The fighter who was considered the attacker during the game has the opportunity to choose the position and attack first. If that cannot be decided, they will toss a coin. Once the position is selected, both competitors are placed in offensive and defensive positions.

An overtime round lasts 6 minutes and the attacker's aim is to subdue the opponent during the 6 minutes and the defending fighter tries to escape.

The overtime winner will be determined as follows:

  1. A ends B and B does not end A. A wins
  2. B escapes and then sends AB Wins
  3. The fastest escape wins

If he doesn't escape or submit, he goes into another round of overtime until a winner is determined.

Our goal is simple: ensure each participant has a great experience to help them improve their Jiu-Jitsu and grow from the experience. Located in the heart of the South Bay, surrounded by Gi and Nogi schools, we wanted to open our doors to helping local fighters get more mat time before the big tournaments.

We pride ourselves on the number of matches we guarantee our competitors at a very fair price. The purpose of running our tournament is to gain more experience on the mat. Our low-cost, EBI-style local tournaments have a round-robin format to build confidence from the start. One of our top priorities is ensuring safety.not encourageThere are people who intentionally try to hurt each otherno fights in the stands or on the matjPeople show mutual respect as a true martial artist should.

That time on the mat is invaluable because the more matches you get... the faster you'll grow!!! You'll grow technically, you'll grow emotionally, and you'll grow mentally as a martial artist, which is the main reason you're here, right?

We offer affordable, profitable, quality games and a great experience at the end of the day. We would be delighted if you would share our experience.

Final schedule Saturday March 25th

Weigh-in: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m

Rules meeting: 11:45 am

White Belt Women's Group: 12h15m.

Men's White Belt Group: 2:00 p.m

refund policy

There are no refunds for the Dark Arts Arena tournament. Only one store credit will be made available, valid towards ANY future training camp or event merchandise.

More information on the schedule and provisional brackets will be sent to all registered attendees prior to the event.

**To enter or participate you must not have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in close contact with anyone within 14 days of experiencing symptoms or being diagnosed with Covid-19.

If he appears ill, he cannot compete; no exceptions

We are a mixed age tournament; We welcome children and young people up to people over 50 years of age. All participants must sign a liability waiver. Entrants under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian sign a waiver and present it at the weigh-in or they will not participate - NO EXCEPTIONS


[Coaches bringing teams from out of state/city: Contact Kirsten at 424-371-8382 for special weigh-in appointments or via emaila2lyc3RlbiB8IGRhcmthcnRzZmFtaWx5ICEgbmV0]

Event prices and registration

$45 pre-registration (January 14th to February 1st)

$55 (February 2 to February 28)

$65 (March 1st to March 17th)

$70 (March 18th to March 24th)

***Emaila2lyc3RlbiB8IGRhcmthcnRzZmFtaWx5ICEgbmV0Family discount information for 3 or more participants from the SAME family***

Online registrations the day before the event will NOT be accepted.

Register by email one day before the eventS2lyc3RlbiB8IGRhcmthcnRzZmFtaWx5ICEgbmV0or League (424) 371-8382

Spectators: Limit the limited space in the facility as much as possible.

Trainer: Limit of one trainer per participant

Please email all registration corrections, including the names of the trainers present.S2lyc3RlbiB8IGRhcmthcnRzZmFtaWx5ICEgbmV0one day before the event

PLEASE READ OUR RULES BELOW. We run our events differently than typical EBI rules and each division has its own set of rules. Our rules are simple and based on our experience of keeping people safe. We're passionate about supporting all fighters by offering accessible events where you win more fights and have the opportunity to improve your skills and gain experience. Our format allows you to relax, focus on the fight and have fun!

Experience level for this tournament:

men women

White/Grey: 1-3 years

*Weight classes

*Weight Classes - Women (lbs)

130 pounds and under 145 pounds. 160 pounds 160 pounds +

*Weight Classes - Men (lbs)

135 lbs and under 145 lbs 155 lbs.

*We reserve the right to mix or match weight/experience classes for effective grouping. Although we guarantee a minimum of 2 games, it's not uncommon for some entrants to get 3-5 games for our low entry fee!

Uniform: Combat/board shorts of any color, spats or tights. Short or long sleeve protectors or tailored shirt in any colour. No baggy or baggy shirts. No open hard plastic pockets, just leggings (yuck) or metal on any outfit. Headgear and knee/ankle pads (not metal or hard plastic) are allowed but optional.

If the uniform policy is not followed you will not be able to participate until it is changed.

Illegal techniques: all branches

  1. No punches or jabs from an opponent
  2. No cow hooves or minor joint manipulations.
  3. No-knock opener neck Kurbeln
  4. No twist leg locks (toe cap secures heel hook)
  5. No veal slicers
  6. Don't use your thumb or your hands on your throat to close the trachea
  7. No disrespectful or offensive language during gameplay.
  8. Do not pull the mat to avoid submission.
  9. There is no continuous stagnation (repeated avoidance of actions).
  10. Flight movements such as jumping, guard, flying scissors, armbar or techniques defined as "flying" are not allowed.

Legal Techniques: All Departments

  1. All takedowns (two and one leg judo, throws and sweeps, Greco-Roman firefighting techniques)
  2. All Armbars (American Kimura Armlock)
  3. Alle Drosseln (Triangle Guillotine Darce Anaconda Ezequiel Gogoplata Bare Head Back and Tornado Arm)
  4. Straight leg locks/ankle locks (knee bar foot locks, corkscrew and reaper ankle locks are allowed)

If you don't follow our rules you will get 1 warning. Repeated use of illegal techniques or hostilities with the team will result in disqualification and no refunds will be given.

playing time:

- All adult sections 6 minutes each

with the possibility of 3 extra rounds of 1 minute each.

Tiebreaker: Overtime can ONLY be won on the first knockdown. This can be an exciting phase in the match, so remember to work on your takedowns!

Other Special Rules: This is our version of a double elimination tournament where we guarantee a minimum of 2 games. A double-elimination tournament is a type of tournament where a competitor gets another match regardless of the outcome of their first match, as opposed to single-elimination tournaments where a single loss results in a competitor being eliminated from the tournament retires While some double elimination formats allow an athlete to lose a match and still take first place; In Subfighter, if you lose a match, you will be placed in the consolation round, meaning your best finish is 3rd place.

(The only exception is if his first loss in the medal round is against 1st/2nd then he would be 2nd)

We will do our best to separate competitors from the same school; However, if the contestants are from the same school and the coach does not want them to compete against each other, a winner must be declared and decided in the prep area in front of the contestants. sent to the screen. This automatically gives the student a loss for that round, which may result in their being eliminated based on previous games. No game results in a tie.

referee interruption

The referees reserve the right to stop play at any time as safety is paramount. A decision involving the judgment of an arbitrator cannot be appealed. Don't break your limbs, it's that simple! We want this to be a fun, safe and exciting experience for everyone!

Competition label:

A higher standard is held for you as a participant because you determine the quality and success of the tournament. You must show respect to all other competitors, coaches, teams, judges and tournament officials at all times. Verbal disrespect or aggressive actions towards anyone will result in disqualification from the tournament and no refunds will be given. No sandbags if you train or have trained in another modality (wrestling, boxing, etc.), which should be taken into account when choosing your experience level. If you are a professional athlete or wrestler, DO NOT enroll in novice divisions.

Trainer Etiquette:

You can train your athlete as much as you want; However, derogatory or disrespectful comments about other participants, team referees or team members are not allowed at any time. As a trainer, it's up to you to show respect for all the different teachings and styles, and your students will do the same. A decision involving the judgment of an arbitrator cannot be appealed. Technical issues (points not awarded, points awarded to an incorrect fighter, or other scoring issues) may be raised politely and appropriately, but the Referee will make the final decision.

Spectator Tag:

All spectators are welcome and encouraged to cheer on their athletes. However, we do not tolerate booing or disrespectful comments directed at other participants, coaches, spectators, officials or other officials of the tournament. All spectators can film and/or take photos from the stands, but are not allowed on the mats or in the competition area. Only the competitor's coaches, judges and tournament officials may enter the mat area.

At no time during the tournament are spectators allowed on the mat, without exception.

*We reserve the right to mix or match weight/experience classes for effective matchmaking. Although we guarantee a minimum of 2 games, it's not uncommon for some entrants to get 3-5 games for our low entry fee!

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