'Platinum' Mike Perry: "I love punching people in the face andbreak hands over my head.”

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Las Vegas, NV (April 4, 2023) Tuesday afternoon at Fight Capital, Las Vegas Nevada,David Feldmann, President ofBare Knuckle Lucha Championship (BKFC)),The fastest growing martial arts promotion in the world, organized a press conference for its hugeBKFC-41 Paid per eventevent onSaturday, April 29thand Denver, CO.

Among those present in the large crowd of local media were special guestsChael Sonnenand legends of martial arts,„Platino“ Mike Perry, Luke Rockhold, Chad Mendes, Ben Rothwell und Christine Ferea.was the moderator of the eventCyrus taxes.

Below are quotes from participants.

David Feldman, president of the BKFC

“This is the largest event we have hosted in five years and is watched by over 20,000,000 viewers worldwide. This show is incredible that these true MMA legends are coming to this new sport. If you have never seen BKFC you should check out this sport, the most exciting and fastest sport in the world with the worst men and women in the world.”

"It's great to be here in Las Vegas for this press conference and we plan to host an event here in early 2024."

"We speak to all martial arts free agents and Nate Diaz is certainly a possibility."

Chael Sonnen

"There aren't any of those fighters in the dressing room that I want to get involved with."

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“It is really an honor to be part of this great event. We've had a great start in Nevada and I think the board will be very receptive to BKFC."

"I thought 2018 was going to be difficult for BKFC but things are definitely going in the right direction for the company."

"It's going to take a big man to fight Ben Rothwell in three weeks."

'Platino' Mike Perry

"You think you have a crush on me and I'm the shorter one, you couldn't be more wrong. This is different than what you are used to, this ishands and handsand that's me all day. I pay and that's it. I made this fight, I called you."

“I try to knock Rockhold out with every shot from the start. I'm up against a bigger, stronger, uglier fighter. I love punching people in the face and breaking their hands with my head."

Lukas Rockhold

"I'm ready for Mike Perry, I'm different and there's a reason he never made it to the top. I believe in my strength, footwork and power and I will adapt very well. A win is a win and I will capitalize on all your mistakes."

"You can't avoid a fight at BKFC and there's nothing more exciting than a fight with Mike Perry."

chad mendes

“It was difficult to stay motivated, but it excites and motivates me. Eddie Alvarez and I were at the front and will be picking up the pace that will make this an amazing BKFC fight.”

"Going into my first BKFC fight I had no idea what to expect but it definitely gave me an advantage."

(Video) MVP Warns Luke Rockhold Before Mike Perry BKFC Clash | The MMA Hour

Eddie Alvarez

“Thanks to Dave Feldman I've been looking for a fight for two years and BKFC gave me one. That really appeals to me, the right opportunity and the right opponent. It's a very good new sport and I'm looking at someone who's really violent."

"I've had countless bare-knuckle fights in Philadelphia, but this is the first time I've been paid and I will defend my honor."

ben rotwell

“My opponent has officially retired. We'll be announcing a new opponent soon, maybe Chael Sonnen, who's been talking a lot about me. Someone stand up and fight me. I would be happy to fight Francis Ngannou or Tyson Fury at BKFC."

Christina Ferea

"I'm training here at altitude, a kilometer up, to be ready for Denver. I know Bec Rawlings is tough and stubborn, but that's her undoing. Whatever she's planning

it won't save her. I'm honored to be here with these legends, but I'm stealing the show."

-------------------------------------------------- -----------

middleweight fights,'Platino' Mike Perry,(2-0), gets his BKFC-41 reputation as "The baddest man in international martial artsagainst the former UFC middleweight championLukas Rockhold.

Returning to the warrior ring, BKFC fan favorite and three-time UFC World Title challengerChade "Money" Mendes, (1 to 0), duel with the two-time Bellator and UFC lightweight championEddie „The Underground King“ Alvarez, competing at welterweight.

The toughest woman in international martial arts, BKFC World Women's Flyweight ChampionChristine "Misfit" Ferea, (6-1), will defend his title for the second time against the eternal contender„Raufbold“ Bec Rawlings, (3-1).

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Former UFC heavyweight star"Grande" Ben Rothwell, (1-0), will face Deranged for the second time under the BKFC bannerJosh "Stay Down" Watson, (2-1).

For details on how to pre-purchase the pay-per-view broadcast of this monumental event, BKFC-41, go toBKFC. with.

Advance tickets for BKFC-41 are available now The 1STBANK Center is located at 11450 Broomfield Lane, Broomfield, CO, 80021. For more information, visit the venue's website BKFC-41 was developed by Only Fans, Crescent Tools, LIONS NOT SHEEP and Knockout Gummies.

A UFC fight nurse, 'Platinum' Mike Perry of Orlando, FL, revealed his immediate intentions in his BKFC debut with a dominant five-round win over veteran Julian Lane at KnuckleMania 2 on February 19, 2022. He then defeated Bellator Star Michael Page will fight in a memorable six-round war at BKFC's first-ever event in England at the famous Wembley Arena on August 20, 2022. Prior to his BKFC debut, Perry competed in the inaugural Triad Combat event, defeating boxer Michael Seals in front of a large audience at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, which also featured music icons Metallica. Perry's commanding presence has made him a constant theme in the martial arts media with his willingness to fight anyone in any discipline.

Luke Rockhold, who fought in Santa Cruz, California, won the UFC Middleweight World Title by defeating Chris Weidman in December 2015. His accolades throughout his illustrious UFC career included victories over Michael Bisping, Lyoto Machida and Paulo Costa. His wins over Weidman and Costa earned him Fight of the Night honors. He also won the Strikeforce middleweight belt with a win over Ronaldo Souza along with title defenses against Keith Jardine and Tim Kennedy. His professional MMA record is 16-6.

Chad Mendes made his impressive BKFC debut with a KnuckleMania 2 in the fourth round against Joshua 'Famez' Alvarez. Before joining BKFC, the Sacramento, California native played in the UFC for seven years and competed three times for the featherweight championship. His highlights included two Fight of the Night honors against José Aldo and Alexander Volkanowski. He also won two Performances of the Night and holds the record for most knockouts in UFC featherweight history (six). Mendes officiated three UFC pay-per-view events, twice against José Aldo and once against Conor McGregor, and amassed a professional MMA record of 18-5 before joining BKFC.

Eddie Alvarez of Philadelphia, PA, won the UFC Lightweight Championship in July 2016 by defeating Rafael dos Anjos and is a two-time Bellator Lightweight World Champion. He has competed for a championship in Asia for the past four years, completing a remarkable 18-year professional MMA career with a record of 30-8, 2 NC. Notable achievements in Álvarez's career include Justin Gaethje, Anthony Pettis, Gilbert Melendez and Michael Chandler.

Known internationally as the"The toughest woman in martial arts", Christine Ferea has become an essential fighter for BKFC fans. Ferea won his world title in a rematch against Britain Hart at KnuckleMania 2 and made his first defense at BKFC-28 by stopping nemesis Taylor Starling in the first round. She also has wins under the BKFC banner against Calista Silgado, Calie Cutler and Jennifer Tate.

Australian UFC Ultimate Fighter veteran Bec Rawlings appeared in the first two BKFC events; Stopping Alma Garcia in the second round at BKFC-1 and winning by unanimous decision over current BKFC Women's Strawweight World Champion Britain Hart at BKFC-2. Most recently, Rawlings lost a hard-fought decision to bitter rival Hart on June 24, 2022 at BKFC-26. She also has a unanimous decision win over Cecilia Flores at BKFC-4.

After a stellar career in the UFC and a 39-14 professional MMA record, Ben Rothwell wasted no time and excelled at BKFC by knocking out veteran Bobo O'Bannon 19 minutes into the first verse. in October. 1, 2022.

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Sobre o Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC)

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) is the first promotion authorized to organize a legal, sanctioned and regulated bare knuckle event in the United States since 1889. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the BKFC is directed by President and former professional boxer David Feldman to preserve the historic legacy of bare-knuckle wrestling while using a specially crafted rulebook that emphasizes fighter safety. BKFC hosts all of its games in a revolutionary four-rope ring designed for exciting, fast-paced games. The BKFC's patented "Square Circle" contains zero lines, based on the 19th-century Broughton rules for bare-knuckle fighting, which require fighters to be "toe the line": start each round face-to-face and only a few centimeters away from the distance .

Only established professional fighters in boxing, MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai can compete at the BKFC. Referees and judges must have extensive professional experience in martial arts. All games are held under the auspices and control of a sports commission. Unlike other international wrestling and combat sports that claim to be "no gloves" but require wraps, tapes and gauze; The BKFC stands by their word as fighters cannot cup their hands closer than an inch from their knuckles. This makes BKFC arguably the most authentic form of bare-knuckle fighting. BKFC's mission is not only to create the safest, most exciting, world-class wrestling organization in the world, but also to lead the way to a new, fully recognized professional combat sport. BKFC truly is the sport of the future and respects its distinguished past.


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