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Organize your files to your PC with Windows

The best data administrator 2023 (1)

The best file administrators make it easy and easy to manage files and folders with extended options such as the standard -Windows -Explorer file.

Although Windows has dramatically changed in recent years, File Explorer (previously known as Windows Explorer) has remained virtually intact and could be improved.

The transfer of files and folders between locals is an uncomfortable process in which two explorer windows and extraction symbols are often opened. Make a pause and restart.You can't create a new folder without getting involved in a menu and forgetting the name change of the lot; it doesn't happen.

This can be particularly problematic in modern timesDocument management(Open in a new guide)YOnline storage(Open in a new guide)If multiple files are treated in multiple accounts, it should be managed much more easily.

We summarize the best alternatives to File Explorer, which makes your file management faster, easier and more intuitive. Most of these third part data administrators can replace to explore as the default application.However, we recommend that we tried them first.

This is followed by our selection of the best file administrators that are currently available.

We also present thatThe best free PC optimization tools.

The best full 2023 file administrator:

Why can you trust techradarOur experts spend hours trying and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you.Get more information on how we try.

The best data administrator 2023 (2)

1. General Commander

The best file administrator

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Reasons to buy

+ +

Works on Windows 3.1 and above

+ +

Classic design

+ +

Admits cloud storage

+ +

File tool

The total Commander (previously Filmander) has been around for 25 years and its developer lives as a maximum "if not break, does not fix it." It is not surprising and uses a classic design with two vertical panels.However, each update has modern additions as support for cloud storage services and native Windows 10 functions.

The best data administrator 2023 (3)

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Total Commander is a good option for large volume transmission, thanks to your background process administrator, with which you can check, stop and resume and set a speed limit.

The interface is marked for quick browsing, offers customizable keyboard links and there is an integrated file file tool to create and extract files on all the most common formats.

Every commander can also be expanded through accessories. Optional functions include the option of classifying images by size, looking for text consequences on PDFs and editing musical metadata without opening other applications.

The total commander is distributed as an action.After 30 days, however, it will be asked to buy a license for about $ 35 / £ 35 / audience $ 60. The payment process is a little unusual and can take a few days to get your key, but it is worth expecting.

The best data administrator 2023 (4)

The best data administrator 2023 (5)

2. The opposite list

The best file administrator for electricity users

Reasons to buy

+ +


+ +

FTP Functions

+ +


+ +

Filter and classify

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Like the Total Commander, Directory Opus is a very close second on this list as a premium file administrator and is shown on this list. Opus Board of Directors Shines: Almost every aspect of your business can be optimized and adapted to your needs.

It is also extremely fast if you use multiple subprocesses for faster processing and allow you to queue and manage processes. There are several useful functions such as: B.A opening of opening and navigation eyelashes, and quickly filtering or ordering your filesand folders.

There are two versions of directory, light and pro directory.Beide greatly facilitates the administration of your files, but it is worth the additional effort, thanks to the possibility of replacing File Explorer with everything or simply certain folders.

Directory Opus Pro is not only a file administrator, but also as a FTP customer and -tool file compaction. The interface is an adaptable interface than the counterpart at a cheaper price.It offers integrated metadata processing and can save complex research terms such as future use macros.

The best data administrator 2023 (6)

The best data administrator 2023 (7)

3. xplorer²

Another premium file administrator, but with horizontal panels

Reasons to buy

+ +

Business interface

+ +

Sick selection

+ +

Identify duplicate

To avoid reasons


Horizontal slices

Another premium file administrator, Xplorer², is available in two versions, a general use of professional edition and a more powerful definitive edition.

The Xplorer² of all proven file administrators is the most modern.

It is full of unusual functions that do not perceive coding so you can identify files and directories of an appearance.

The standard design of Xplorer² are some horizontal slices with a traditional left explorer. This is open to a certain adaptation and there are guides to keep things organized, but vertical panels seem to be a more logical option if you want to transfer files.

The definitive version of Xplorer² is a business -oriented tool with portable / network provision and priority support. For home users, the professional edition is good, with a license of almost £ 30 / Aud $ 45.

The best data administrator 2023 (8)

The best data administrator 2023 (9)

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4. Q-DIR

For this file administrator, four slices are better than a

Reasons to buy

+ +

Four slices

+ +


+ +

Marker function

To avoid reasons


Small text

Q-DIR (also known as Quad Explorer) is a small file manager, which already offers the name of four file spaces to play at the same time. It is also free.

It is a simple premise that is performed without a foreign disorder, although Q-DIR navigation icons are absolutely small on a high resolution screen.Boten on the right is a link to a screen.

There is support for the guide browser and a marker function for frequent files and folders.

It is very practical if you simply want a more convenient alternative to file explorer and not need to transmit large amounts of data, but all others are better served by the premium tools mentioned above.

The best data administrator 2023 (10)

The best data administrator 2023 (11)

5. Klee

The best alternative to an Add -Mon administrator

Reasons to buy

+ +

Add guides to the file explorer

+ +

Favorite bar

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To avoid reasons


No file administrator


Only Japanese instructions

If you are satisfied with the basic concepts of Windows Explorer, but you are tired of opening several instances at the same time, look by clover.

Unlike other tools here, which are complete independent file administrators, clover is a small app that simply adds eyebrow -style eyelashes to File Explorer. It is a small change, but makes a real difference.

Clover also adds a range of practical markers to your files and folders more frequently. Eyelash titles.

Although the clover and software site is available in English, the installer is in Japanese, but is simple enough to follow English speakers. Click on green keys.

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Which file administrator is best for you?

When deciding which file administrator should be downloaded and use, consider first what their real requirements are, as sometimes free platforms can only offer basic options.So if you need to use extended tools, a paid platform can be worth much more. You can meet all needs.So make sure you have a good idea what functions you may need.

How we try the best file administrator

To test the best file administrator, we first configured an account on the corresponding software platform, as a download or as an on -line service. Then we try the service to see how the software for different purposes is used and, in different situationsIt was a goal to press each software platform to see how useful the basic tools and how easy it was to control other extended tools.

Read as we tried, evaluate and check products in Techradar(Open in a new guide).

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The best data administrator 2023 (12)

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