Travel to Kourtaliotiko Gorge and experience the beauty of nature (2023)

The southern coast of Greece boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the world and offers some truly spectacular scenery.canyons and gorges. These incredible natural landscapes give this area a special charm and offer excellent opportunities for adventure if you want to escape the heat of the beaches. Among the most interesting natural wonders of southern Crete are the beautiesGarganta de Courtaliotiit is a wild and fascinating destination where you can admire the unique geological formations, the magnificent waterfalls and the untouched nature of Crete. Starting south of townKoxare, head south, across a plain and continue with the smallTranslated by Gor, finally reach the magnificentPreveli beach.

Where is Kourtaliotiko Gorge?

the beautiful canyonKourtaliotikois located in the central part of the south coast of Crete, about 100 km from the capital of CreteHeraklion, 80 km from Chania and about 25 km south ofRetina. From the capital you can rent a car and drive to the Kourtaliotiko Gorge, making it a fantastic day trip surrounded by nature. The spectacular gorge begins south of theKoxare Dorfand comes out in a small depression to the west ofAsomatos Dorf, also known asThroat of Asomates. It is located between the mountains ofKouroupaYxiron, a path follows the river along the gorge, making it extremely easy to explore.

How to get to Kourtaliotiko Gorge?

Getting to Kourtaliotiko Gorge by Car

When you arrive in Crete, theAirportreach the Kourtaliotiko pass with aCar hire in Heraklion. The journey normally takes about an hour and a half and follows the north coast road toRetinaand then drive south about 25 km. of the peopleKoxare, you can drive through the gorge or explore it on foot to better appreciate the wild nature.
The best way to visit this amazing travel destination is definitely over.Rent a car, as you can drive directly and visit other unique attractions in the area. Accommodation is available in villages close to the gorge.

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Arrival by bus to Kourtaliotiko Gorge

It is more difficult to get to Kourtaliotiko Gorge by bus. You have to transfer to the bus.Retinaand it can easily take a few hours to get to itKoxare. Although there are many connectionsHeraklionARetina, it will be more difficult to find a bus that goesAgia Galinithis is closeKoxare. Taking into account the change of buses and the time it will take to reach your destination; It's a more convenient and faster way to book one.Car rental at Heraklion Airport.

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Top things to do in Kourtaliotiko Gorge area

The Kourtaliotiko gorges are one of the most interesting natural attractions in this region of Crete. Although only 3 km long and crossed by a road, they retain a particularly wild and dramatic appearance.

The dramatic cliffs can reach 600 meters and are interrupted by numerous caves, as well as waterfalls and other interesting geological formations. The gorges can be accessed from the village.Koxare, passing by some small churches. After entering the throats, you can also hear a specific sound like clapping.

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This is created by the wind blowing through the tall caves and gives the river and gorges their name. Further on, passing through spectacular rapids and small waterfalls that create beautiful pools of crystal clear water, you will reach the small church ofSaint Nicholas, where you can admire a magnificent large waterfall (Kourtaliotis).

These can also be reached from the street via several steps. Some parts of the canyon are very narrow and you have to walk through the water. The whole area of ​​the gorges is enchanting, there is a lot to see, among interesting vegetation, vultures and other birds. After leaving the gorges, the river is called Megalos and can still follow its course until it reaches the sea. After passing the anesthesiaTranslated by Gorreach the idyllic beach ofTranslated. The entire walk through the gorge shouldn't take more than two hours, although you can walk further to the beach.

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Explore other attractions in the area

Traveling further south along the same river, you first pass the equally enchanting Preveli Gorge. WhileHike through the canyonit is quite challenging, there is a path that takes you along the stunning beach of Preveli, considered one of the most beautiful in the whole island of Crete. It is truly unique, with the river flowing directly into the sea and a magnificent beach lined with palm trees. The small bay is surrounded by high cliffs and amazing rock formations, while the water is crystal clear, albeit cooler than elsewhere.

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However, this almost tropical destination is well worth a visit. Not far from the beach car park you can also visit Splendor.Translated from the monastery, with two locations that took place at different times in history but are equally inspiring and interesting. The panorama of the sea and the coast from the high cliffs is unforgettable, especially from the path to the monastery.

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Before reaching the beach there is also an old stone bridge known simply astranslated from the bridgeand built by local monks in the 18th century. Another fascinating sight near the monastery is the ancient church ofSaint George in Xylomacheri, from the 13th century and with two layers of splendid ancient frescoes. Another smaller and interesting canyon runs almost parallel to the Kourtaliotiko and is known asFratiano's Throat, with a challenging course that takes many hours to complete.

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Close to Preveli there is a smaller gorge with interesting features called Swallows Gorge. In addition to the amazing Preveli beach, there are many other great beach destinations nearby that you can visit.Garganta de Courtalioti, including places likeAmmos East Beach,Playa Katsouni,Ligres-Strand,Triopetra-Strand,Ammoudaki-Strand,damn beach,Praia de Pyrgos,Agia Fotini-Strandand other.

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Where to stay near Kourtaliotiko Gorge, Crete?

The area around the Kourtaliotiko wild gorge is quite remote and there are few accommodation options in the villages close to the gorge. A much better option would be to look for accommodation in one of the main spas, where there are many options. Among the most popular destinations where you can spend the nightAgia Galini,Kokkinos Pirgos,Kalamakioplakias.
During the summer season, accommodation options can get crowded and scarce, so it's a good idea to research and book well in advance.

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Plakias Villen 4*

Located in the city ofLefkogia, in the streetKourtaliotikoat the addressplakias, these magnificent villas are surrounded by lush gardens and have excellent rooms with all the necessary amenities, as well as swimming pools and terraces.
site web
☏ +30 697 255 1966

Residencia Alvorada 4*

Located in the small town ofblass, not north ofKoxareand the gorge, this superb villa has excellent reviews and offers 3 bedrooms with a TV and en suite bathrooms, as well as a kitchen and a beautiful swimming pool.
site web
☏ +30 698 182 3148

Villa Frati Garganta 3*

The hotel is located a few kilometers from the entrance to the Kourtaliotiko gorge in the small villagebrothers, this beautiful villa offers excellent spacious and airy rooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, a terrace and a large garden with a small swimming pool.
site web
☏ +30 694 254 8377

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Where to eat near Kourtaliotiko Gorge?

When visiting Kourtaliotiko Gorge, there are many restaurants serving local and international dishes in the nearby towns and villages. Some options include traditional Greek taverns serving grilled meats or seafood. Various restaurants and cafes can also be found in the nearby villages of Preveli or Asomatos.

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One of the most valued taverns in the region, it is located south ofGarganta de Courtaliotiand north oftranslated from the beach, next to the old stone bridge over the river. It offers authentic local cuisine as well as fantastic Mediterranean recipes, including excellent lamb and seafood dishes.
☏ +30 694 498 6740

Despina Tavern

Located south ofAsomatos Dorfand just off the gorge, this charming little tavern is surrounded by a pleasant leafy garden and offers delicious traditional food in a pleasant atmosphere.
☏ +30 697 892 8784

The Tavern in Sideradi

The hotel is located a few kilometers west of theDorf Koxareon the way toAgios Gallis, this small family restaurant is the hidden gem of this area, with incredible reviews from its customers. It offers the most delicious traditional Cretan food you can find in a friendly and welcoming environment.
☏ +30 697 369 7116

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When is the best time to visit Kourtaliotiko Gorge?

The best time to visit this stunning natural destination is from late spring to early autumn, when you can escape the sun and explore the canyons. This is also the time when the water is quite low, allowing for an easier passage. It is not advisable to venture into the gorge during the rainy months as the water levels can fluctuate wildly. It's also best to start the adventure early in the morning to avoid the midday sun.

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