UFC 101 Weight Classes: The Ultimate Guide | sports rangers (2023)

In the first days ofufcIn 1993 you could see old clips where fighters of all sizes competed against each other.

A few years later, the Championship 12 was introducedUFC Weight Classesand certain criteria for the classification of all martial artists. These weight classes guarantee a much greater equal opportunity in the Octagon.

In this post, we'll look at each weight class, from strawweight to heavyweight.


Stroh(106 – 115 pounds)

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First, the UFC's lightest strawweight division, the UFC's strawweight division only includes fighters who weigh 100kg.106 poundsBis115 pounds(52.2kg). This makes strawweight the lightest weight class.

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from Chinazhang weiliis the current UFC strawweight champion. She won the title againstJessica Andradeon August 31, 2019.

The 31-year-old fighter won the fight via first-round TKO, earning Weili her first Performance of the Night bonus award. Her professional MMA record of 21-1 speaks volumes for her size. She is undefeated in the UFC (5-0).

flyweight(115 – 125 pounds)

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The UFC flyweight division ranks second on the UFC weight class list and another star-studded division that includes male and female fighters that fall in between.115 poundsfor125 pounds(56.7kg). This division was introduced in December 2017 for the women's pavilion.

Experts believe that the new weight distribution will drastically help fighters. This will create more opportunities for martial artists to compete at the highest level without losing too much weight to drop into the strawweight division. Fighters in this category usually present the best and fastest Jiu-Jitsu.

Walentina Schewtschenkocurrently holds the flyweight belt, but wasNico Montanowho hugged him for the first time. she defeatsRoxanne Modafferion The Ultimate Fighter to land a six-figure contract with the UFC.

As for men, BrazilDeiveson Figueiredois the current owner. He won the belt after submittingJose Benavidezin July 2020. Since then, the 33-year-old has already defended him twice.

bantamweight(125 – 135 pounds)

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Upcoming UFC Weight Class Includes Intermediate Weight Male and Female Martial Artists125 poundsfor135 pounds(61.2 kg) are ranked in the bantamweight category.

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Amanda Nunesis the name that comes to mind when we talk about one of the best female bantamweight fighters. She has been a champion of the category for about five years. Nunes made headlines when she defeated reigning Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate at UFC 200 in July 2016. She defeated Tate via submission and has since successfully defended the belt five times.

On the other hand,Peter Januaryholds the title in the male category. He was proclaimed champion after being eliminatedJose toohis UFC251.

However, the fighter was criticized by his peers and competitors for calling himself the best fighter in the category despite not having defended the title once. But that doesn't negate Yan's ability to dominate his opponents in the Octagon, which makes him a great asset to the UFC.

Peña(135 – 145 pounds)

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The featherweight division consists of men and women weighing in at135 poundsBis145 pounds(65.8kg). This category consists of exciting fighters likeMax Holloweymibrayan ortega. However, the name that is far above him is the champion of him.Alejandro Volkanowski.

Since signing his contract with the UFC, he has been on the rise and has become a lethal force. He won the belt after defeating Holloway at UFC 245 in December 2019. Volkanovski has a title defense to his name.

Volkanovski's female counterpart isAmanda Nunes. after beatingMia TateIn 2016, Nunes began acceptingcris cyborgin 2018. She was crowned a two-time champion after defeating Cyborg via first-round TKO at UFC 232.

Luz(145 – 155 pounds)

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Martial artists weigh in the middle145 poundsfor155 pounds(70.3 kg) are ranked in the UFC's lightweight category. In recent years, fighters in the lightweight division have made more money for the UFC through pay-per-view.

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As for the current UFC lightweight champion, the RussianKhabib NurmagomedovHe has held the belt for more than two years, but things seem uncertain about a future champion as the undefeated martial artist recently retired from the sport. UFC president Dana White insists that Eagle is likely to return after UFC 257 in January 2021, but the fighter has previously said otherwise.

Nurmagomedov won the belt in April 2018 with a win overAl Iaquintaat UFC 223. He then defended it against three great fighters:Conor MacGregor,justin gaethjemiDustin Poirier.

welterweight pesos(155 – 170 pounds)

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Welterweight is considered the most balanced division as the fighters are neither too light nor too heavy. This allows fans to witness the best of martial arts skills. Welterweight includes fighters who weigh155 poundsfor170 pounds(77,1kg).

Cameroon Usmanwas crowned welterweight world champion on March 2, 2019. He put on the belt after recording a resounding victoryTyron Woodleysin UFC235.

Nigerian nightmarethen defended the title against himcolby covingtonmijorge masvidal. He's ready to take overgilbert burnsbeim UFC 258 Pay-per-View Main Event on February 13, 2021.

average weight(170 – 185 pounds)

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UFC fighters weigh in170 poundsfor185 pounds(84 kg) fall at middleweight. Current middleweight championIsrael Adesanahe set a new standard with prolific performances every time he stepped into a UFC octagon.The Ultimate Style BenderBreaking stereotypes that middleweights aren't agile enough, he moves like a lightweight in his fights.

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joel romerohe is the last middleweight to come out of the championship, but when he was part of the UFC he was one of the best and he drew the crowd. His back-to-back losses were probably the reason for his departure. Another big name in the division is the rising star of Brazil.pablo costa.

However, both martial arts were surpassed when they met Adesanya. He has defied critics since he came to the UFC, successfully defending his title twice after winning the title in October 2019.

light heavyweight(185 – 205 pounds)

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The light heavyweight division contains the second heaviest stars in the UFC. Has fighter jets weigh185 poundsfor205 pounds(93). Jan Blachowicz, 37, is the current holder of that division after unbeaten fighter Jones vacated the title.

The Polish wrestler was proclaimed champion after the victorydominican reyesat UFC 253. Reyes, who doesn't look like the same fighter since his controversial lossJon JonesHe was only knocked out in the second round.

heavyweight(205-265 pounds)

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The UFC heavyweight division is the toughest weight division, to say the least. Contains combat monsters that have the ability to put people to sleep with a single hit. This class includes fighters who weigh205 poundsfor265 pounds(120.2).

Miocic stipitehe is the heavyweight champion of the UFC, but he has a big threat to his title and that is Jon Jones.

Jones has been hitting the gym to compete in the heavyweight division for the past few months. As a light heavyweight champion, he has the most title defenses in UFC history (11). In 2011, at age 23, Jones became the youngest boxer to win gold. He defeated the defending champion.Mauricio „Shogun“ Ruawith a technical knockout.

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Jones also has the most consecutive light heavyweight title fights in the champions' history (14). He cited "no challenge" at light heavyweight as the reason for his weight gain.


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